Welcome to the past

What makes a historical novel historical?


Most critics believe a historical novel is a novel which is set 50 or more years in the past. The author also draws on research rather than personal experience. But where did this genre come from?

Good question! In the early 1800s, Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott and his American follower James Fenimore Cooper stole the attention of audiences with stories of their nations’ pasts. Since that time, historical fiction has become immensely popular. Now I feel inspired to make my own attempt and finally write a novel capturing the reaching Ancient Roman period. At one point in time, the Roman Empire stretched from north-western Europe to the Near East and encompassed all the lands of the Mediterranean.

My blog will capture my writing and research adventures to tell a fictional story based on (some) truth…I may even travel to the lands where my story is set in Ancient Roman period. Come along for the journey!